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You want to grow.

You need consistent wedding leads every month.

It’s impossible to grow without new couples flowing in the door. Just when you think you have your current month booked, you realize you aren’t filling up next year’s calendar fast enough. This means you have to take on weddings you don’t feel passionate about or weddings that don’t pay top-dollar for your services. I get it. You only have so many hours in the day.
I created AI SALES FUNNEL MACHINE to provide an ongoing system that helps you bring in qualified leads and nurture them every day.

Imagine if you could…


Stop Making These Common Photographer Mistakes


Map to Boost Booking by 6-8 High-Ticket Weddings Each Month


What Your Clients Want and Need from Their Photographer

Generate Hundreds of Highly Qualified Leads Every Month

Discover how we are helping wedding pros achieve massive $10k-$50k+ months. Build your sales funnel for this risnse-and-repeat lead-nurturing system using AI conversational chatbots. Book 2-3x more weddings every month to scale your business.

Overcome Your Doubts

Create business strategies that give you a mapped-out path with a PROVEN marketing funnel. Use our strategies and scripts to nurture cold leads into raving brand fans who are willing to PAY for your value. Feel confident about booking larger packages with your couples to increase your revenue and avoid low-paying weddings each month.

"I've been fortunate to work with Jonathan. He is an excellent mentor. He offers a wealth of experience and knowledge. I learned more than any other course than I have in years on my own. He helped create a tailor marketing plan and sale funnel to hit my target market more effectively, resulting in booking over $180k in revenue. I cannot thank him enough for this!"

- Hannah P. Photography

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Jonathan is an incredibly patient & kind educator.
After joining his program, Jonathan was very attentive in always following up with me, lending his marketing expertise & providing a personalized sales funnel in my business. I was so encouraged by his helpful tips & his kindness in answering every single question I had. I'm so grateful to have joined Jonathan's coaching program and I can't thank him enough for investing that time into helping me grow my wedding photography business to six figures in my first year of working with Jonathan.


After 1 year of being mentored by Jonathan, my business has tremendously improved. He has taught me valuable tactics through the amazing WCA program. He has empowered me to feel like I can tackle the business side of wedding photography, something I was afraid to do because marketing takes a ton of knowledge, work, and experience. In all honesty, I wouldn’t have been able to increase my prices to $5,500 and filled my entire calendar for 2021 and half of 2022 without his guidance, and support.


Jonathan is a wonderful instructor! He’s personable, patient, and ready to help achieve success. He really inspired me to start marketing more intentionally and to focus on brand experience. He made sure I was comfortable — there were absolutely no stupid questions!! I'm so excited to be part of this community. Learning from other students within the private community group has really helped me stay engaged, feel connected, and accountable as I continue to grow my photography business.


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